At Philip Financial Group the term Client Sales should more accurately be called Client Relationship Building.  We focus on you from our very first meeting.  We would be silly to say the sale isn’t important – obviously we’re in business, but the sale is only part of what we do.  We are interested in building a long term relationship with you.  We’re not in business with the “quick sale and forget them” mindset that is too common in the marketplace.  We are looking to build a relationship with you that will last many years into the future.
Here’s what our customers are saying…
“Thanks for being right on top of this!”
– Dawn, Venice, FL“…this is perfect. I will let you know our choices next week.”
– Emily, Fort Myers, FL“I don’t say it often enough… THANK YOU!! Thank you to the both of you for answering all of my questions, solving my problems, always answering the phone even when you know it’s me calling and for taking such good care of me!”
– Kellie, Port Charlotte, FL“Thank you, such great service as always!”
– Debra, Naples, FL

“Thanks for always being there to help our team.  You are the best.”
– Jo, North Fort Myers, FL

“Thank you so much for all of your hard work.  I appreciate it.”
– Kellie, Port Charlotte, FL

“THANK YOU – I don’t care what anyone says – you do great work.  SMILE”
– Ethylene, Fort Myers, FL

“You are too good to me.  Thanks for the help.”
– Lorena, Cape Coral, FL

“Thanks for all your help!  I appreciate your great attitude and work ethic…hard to find these days!”
– Brenda, Cape Coral, FL

“Great Job. Thanks so much for your hard work and continual positive customer service.”
– Jo, North Fort Myers, FL

“Thank You!  I appreciate you and don’t want you to ever doubt that.”
– Jennifer, Fort Myers, FL

“We are starting of great!! I thank you for all your help!!”
– Amber, Sarasota, FL

“If I haven’t said it enough, you have been a great help through our ordeal.  Thanks Again.”
– Brad, Naples, FL

“You are awesome!!!”
– Stormy, Cape Coral, FL

“You are terrific!  Thank you so much.”
– Carolyn, Fort Myers, FL

“Thanks a million! You’re the best!”
– Sherri, Fort Myers, FL

“Thanks for taking the extra effort to be helpful.”
– Paul, Fort Myers, FL

“Thanks, you are just too good to us!”
– Lorraine, Captive, FL

“Thank you so much! You are the best!”
– Emily, Fort Myers, FL