Our Story

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Philip Financial Group is based in Fort Myers, FL and was officially founded in 2006. We were founded in 2006, but our origin begins much earlier centered around the career path of our founder.

Dwight Philip is our founder and owner who began working in the insurance industry in 1989. A Fort Myers, FL native, Dwight grew up in SWFL and has been a primary witness watching his home grow.

Dwight loves Fort Myers and all of the opportunities it has unexpectedly brought him.

Dwight began his career as an insurance agent specializing in new business sales for a corporate insurance company. He learned firsthand about the in’s and out’s of corporate work life. Most importantly he learned about the crucial connection between insurance and financial services. This was a lesson he observed on his own, due to how insurance and financials are treated as separate conversations in the industry. Realizing the norm of separating those two worlds, he saw an opportunity by connecting them. After a decade he decided to take all of his lessons towards the hope of starting his own firm.

Since then Dwight pioneered Philip Financial Group into what it is today. He earned his financial licenses while earning his many hats as the owner, lead producer, office manager, coach, husband, and father. Officially in business for himself since 2006 he experienced more than his fair share of hardship. Over time his hope started to thrive. He started to service a client base that saw the success in their financial well-being through Dwight’s insights connecting insurance and financials. After some time, he started assembling a team that shares his passion for helping people. The team worked to acquire the skills necessary to service our clients financial and insurance needs.

team of financial experts

We’ve maintained our independence from the large financial institutions and insurance companies meaning that we are not working to make next quarter’s quota, we are working for our client and their well being. Over 16 years in business our relationships with companies and clients have flourished. It’s all about connecting with the person in front of you or on the other line. We are all working towards the same goal, servicing the client’s financial future. Whether that is a large business or the next door neighbor, we see how all of the moving pieces and the people moving them are intertwined.


Philip Financial Group is in business for people. Their hopes, ideas, and dreams are our passion. Proudly serving anyone who walks in the door, we’re happy to help.