Our Team


Dwight Philip
Owner - Agent: Health, Life, Annuities - Financial Professional

Dwight is a Fort Myers, FL native and longtime lover of the area. “There’s no place like Fort Myers” is a common reminder Dwight likes to give around the office. He is a rooted man who loves to spend time with his family and helping others. Dwight is an only child but always thought he’d be a great big brother which is what motivates him in helping kids around the area get a fair shake at life. Focusing on fairness and equal opportunity is what sparked his passion to found Philip Financial Group. His dream is to help people create wealth over time and protect the seeds they sow once they achieve their financial dream. Dwight Philip is our founder and owner who began working in the insurance and financial service industry in 1989. Through his over 33 years in these industries he is able to provide guidance on all aspects of financial goals. He uses his experience and passion to look at all the pieces of the financial puzzle ensuring that his client’s financial future’s are pieced together completely.

Devon Philip
Agent: Health, Life, Annuities - Financial Professional

Devon is a Florida native meaning that the sunshine, beaches, and gators that are all characteristic of his home are embedded into his blood. He graduated from the University of Florida with his bachelor’s in Business Administration and moved back from Gainesville to his hometown of Fort Myers to start his career with Philip Financial Group. During his free time Devon likes to be under the sun any way he can, at home with his cat, or diving into his fantasy fiction books. Devon is a dreamer, with Philip Financial Group as his outlet he helps our clients create their ideal benefit packages. He is one of our Health, Life, and Annuities agents and is one of our financial representatives helping with the securities side of the business. Devon is currently still working on more of his securities licenses within our firm. Mainly motivated by people’s happiness, Devon strives to be a servant to his community, family, and friends.

Peter Tortora
Agent: Health, Life, Annuities – Property & Casualty

Peter is passionate about people. He was born in Crestwood, NY and graduated from Iona College. Stemming from his time growing up around NYC, Peter has a natural curiosity for people and for the ingredients that make them tick. When outside the office he enjoys spending time with his wife, friends, and family. Familial bonds are important to him which led him to become a notary; with the goal of ultimately being able to marry people. He’s performed weddings for people on several occasions and finds purpose in playing such a big part in others’ lives. The greatest motivation in his life is his wife, children, and grandchildren. At Philip Financial Group he is one of our insurance agents and business consultants. Peter has a deep knowledge for his clients that comes from his strong character and care for their well being.

Bayleigh Jauregui
Agent: Health, Life, Annuities - Care Coordinator

Bayleigh was born in Naples, FL and raised in the surrounding community. It’s evident in her love for all things outdoors with a special interest around the water. Whether it’s fishing, boating, wakeboarding, or a relaxing pool day she is just happy to be near some water with her two pups. Receiving her degree from Florida State University she will be the first person in the office to say “Go Noles!” when given the chance. Bayleigh is one of our Agent’s and Care Coordinators who started with Philip Financial Group in 2022, quickly earning her Health, Life, and Annuities license. She wants to succeed with her definition of success being one she wrote for herself, “I don’t need to change the world, but if I could help change just even a few people’s lives in my lifetime I would consider myself ‘rich’”. Aiming to advise others to mitigate life’s risks, and financially free themselves she works to promote a peace of mind. Bayleigh is in the business of helping people with her knack for the industry and concern for our clients.

Taylor Diaz
Agent: Health, Life, Annuities - Care Coordinator

Taylor may be a recent addition to Philip Financial Group in 2023, but she has become a valuable member to the team. As a licensed Health, Life, and Annuities agent, she is "focused on understanding what each company or client comprehensively needs." She takes care with each client by helping them navigate claims and guiding them through their company's benefit plans. When she's not working on insurance or financial services, she loves singing and being a DJ for local Fort Myers venues. Getting people moving in a positive direction is why she is on her way to improve the life of any Philip Financial Group client that crosses her path.

Administrative Specialist

Kathy is crafty no doubt about it. After growing up around Nashville, TN she moved to Fort Myers, FL in her early adulthood and has since made herself at home. Through her move she learned the value of hard work and having hope that her efforts will prevail. Kathy is quite creative as she spends her free time crafting anything from intricate pop-up holiday cards to decorative craft houses. Being careful and calculated in her crafts translates over to her skills at Philip Financial Group as she’s been instrumental in our growth as a company. She helps keep Philip Financial Group moving forward through her ability to ask the right questions and get to the bottom of the answers. Kathy’s role revolves around Client Administration, COBRA Administration, IT Support, employee training, agent commissions, enrollments, terminations, and coordination with our carriers. Respectfully asking questions has led her to connect with other talented individuals throughout her career. Whether it’s our carriers or our clients she is conversing with, she always finds motivation when she learns something new about the industry she has made her home for over a decade. Her mind and ears are open to all.

Accountant – Payroll Specialist

Donna originally stemmed from Chicago, IL but moved down to the sunshine state in 1978. She received her education from USF and has been local since except when she’s traveling the world. When she has that time to herself you’ll likely not be able to predict her next destination but you can rely on the fact that she’ll have a book in hand to help pass the travel time. Well read and well traveled, Donna has a wealth of experiences that helps translate to her position at Philip Financial Group. She is our resident Accountant and Payroll Specialist who finds purpose in being able to help our clients with accounting, bookkeeping, or payroll needs. Donna is proficient in all payroll systems and can be heard in our office helping to orchestrate client support amongst the varying processing platforms. By always finding a way to help navigate our clients through their questions she has earned a reputation for her ability to handle complex cases with ease.

Payroll Specialist– Administrative Specialist

Brittney was born in Billings, Montana but decided to make the trek down to Florida for most of her life. “Hands on” is a great way to describe Brittney’s work ethic and her passions outside of work. Recently she’s started to put her hands to the test by crafting jewelry, ties, and even outfits all out of beads. She does this for fun where she trades her creations at concerts and for her family’s varying requests. Family is key to Brittney’s motivations as she cites her main driver in life as her son. Seeing childhood as a blessing she wants her son to enjoy his time being young while learning that as he grows into himself and works hard it can be extremely rewarding professionally and personally. At Philip Financial Group, Brittney helps handle payroll and administrative functions for our clients. She has a special ability to multitask while maintaining a focused eff ort towards her work, ultimately motivating others with her example. Beyond processing systems and applications she is well versed in Harley’s, even having one of her own. She’ll often take a drive to bike nights spending time with her husband and son.

Payroll Specialist - Administrative Specialist

Originally from New Jersey, Meredyth moved to Cape Coral, FL where she lives today pursuing challenges and in pursuit of living a rewarding life. In her home state she attended Gloucester County Vo Tech for Graphic Design and has carried her keen eye to Philip Financial Group where she works in our Payroll and Administrative department. She has demonstrated a tenacity for her role, which likely stems from her motivations. Waking up each day knowing she has another chance to be brought closer inline to her goals, children, and grandchildren she works in all aspects to do a good job. She wears her results on her sleeve and is constantly looking for new challenges to direct her efforts towards. When not at work, she likes to spend time with her family or outdoors with herself. Being outside is a focal point to her life as she enjoys being around the beach, practicing yoga, and undertaking projects like refinishing furniture. In her personal and professional life Meredyth is someone who has a strong desire forfulfilling her many roles.

Claims Specialist - Care Coordinator

Chloe’ is another local from the area as she was born in Cape Coral, Florida. Recently she graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University with her bachelor’s in Criminal Justice which has been a lifelong passion of hers to study. She has an instinct for investigating problems and solving a person’s plight. These natural skills fuel her role at Philip Financial Group as our Claims Specialist. She applies her investigative tact and industry knowledge to ensure that our clients policies are performing correctly. All while coordinating with insurance carriers and medical providers to advocate for our client’s well being, Chloe’ can juggle many conversations at once. With her motivations stemming from the support of her family and friends she recycles that support towards those with claims struggles. Each day she looks forward to resolving client’s claims and shares in their happiness when her job is done. Chloe’ has a bright future ahead, which when she’s not working towards it she’s likely living as the locals do at the beach, watching movies, or relaxing at home.